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Posted by MyEvo on October 27, 2009 at 3:13 AM

We are yet to live in Dick Tracy world with his awesome 2-Way Wrist Radio but we are getting there alright. That’s if we take wristwatch extensions such as the upcoming Allerta inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry as an indication.


The inPulse however is still not a BlackBerry on your wrist. It is more like a companion accessory, whereby it able to display new messages and phone calls on its 1.3” colour OLED screen in addition to normal watch functions. It even got a built-in vibrating motor, so that you’ll be always aware of incoming messages or calls on your BlackBerry.


The inPulse battery life is quite respectful, expected to last for 4 days between charges. Battery charging is done via built-in Mini-USB port, another smart move as it is the same type of port that BlackBerry used. So, you don’t need yet another extra cable to clutter your desk.


By the way, the watch is still in prototype stage, so the image above does not represent the final product. The actual product is expected to be out in February 2010 and will only be available in North America for time being together with a price tag of RM 507 (USD 150). Ouch.


[source: CrackBerry via Gizmodo, image taken from inPulse Official Blog]

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